martedì 6 gennaio 2015

Glovers _ Pattern free english


I was asked to translate some of my tutorials.

Start with the gloves

Sorry for my english

My daughter asked me the fingerless gloves, and here she is satisfied.

Wool 100/150 gr wool
Crochet n. 5

forearm circumference.

sl st = slip stitch
st = stitch 
ch = chain
dc = double crochet
FPdc: front post dc
BPdc: back post dc
FPtr: front post treble crochet
Braid working on 4 stitch: work the 3 and 4 FPtr and 1st and 2nd FPtr

The braid can work with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 stitch.

Making the first stitch of the round: sc and 2 ch

Starting work with BPdc

Worked in the round

Start a number of ch measure the circumference of your forearm.
Close with a sl st.

Based on the chains performed decide the stitch to be used for the braid.

In my case I have made 32 ch, and I have opted braid from 4 stitchs and 4 BPdc

1 row) 1 dc in each stitch (32 dc)
2 row) *4 BPdc, 4 FPDC*  repeat *to* for all round. Close with 1 sl st
3 row) *4 BPfc, braid*  repeat *to* for all round. Close with 1 sl st

To continue actually working the rounds 2 and 3 to reach the first phalanx of the thumb

To make 3 sl st, works the next 29 stitchs as introduces him. Closed with 1 sl st.

Continue to the first phalanx of the 4th finger.

You can finish the glove working *3 hdc in st and 1 sc in next st* repeat from * to *  all the way round

Decorate the gloves with a flower

Gloves made according to the imagination and creativity.

Good job!!!!